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JNava Clothing started with a simple idea and a playful thought.  In its genesis, and before the transition and focus in business took place, it was a new found endeavor.  I found ways to express myself through creativity and imagination.  Enjoying my artistic position in design and the positive feedback of peers,   there was an awakening for something greater.   I wanted to sell a lifestyle and share my uniqueness.

Understanding this inception openly, I asked myself and others what I would do differently.  Current styles and graphic images seemed very repetitive and boring.  Been there done that.   To be different, I had to inspire the future of fashion and offer something new.  Aspiring to these critical demands encouraged firm beliefs in me and my abilities as a designer and trend setter.

The mission Statement sets the tone for the success of our business and expectations for our customers.  “JNava Clothing is dedicated to delivering a new style of American made designs and quality threads to inspire the future of fashion.”   Striving to alter the course and culture of Denver’s youth, my intentions shall hopefully awaken these sleeping giants.

Our target market pertains to individuals in their early teens to 30’s.  As we embark on a new decade and a generation of unparalleled precedence, fashion is changing vastly day by day.  The trends of today splinter to the next, creating an evolving demand.  To challenge this perception, I must connect myself to the variances in social environments and music.  While reinventing a theme of individuality in schools and higher institutions of learning, I have to remember:  I’m selling a lifestyle.

Building a business that reflects all of these characteristics is my ultimate focus.  This coupled with the unbridled desire to treat our customers the way that we would want to be treated is paramount.  I would rather turn down a client than disappoint one.  As this simple idea has lead me thus far, I grow anxious for the future, excited to share my life and passion for fashion.

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”   — Richard Branson

Jason Nava
JNava Clothing, LLC